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By delivering world-leading technologies and products, alongside responsive clinical services, across the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and assistive technology, Steeper’s mission is to create turning points that empower patients and fundamentally enhance people’s lives.

NEW - bebionic small

The new bebionic small has arrived!

With 30% overall size reduction, the latest addition to bebionic is small but perfectly formed.

The new pearlescent design is sleek, modern and gives users precise control with cutting-edge features and technology. The bebionic small hand builds upon the robust design of the bebionic3 without compromising on performance or functionality.

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Grid Pad Pro by Smartbox

The Grid Pad Pro by Smartbox is a powerful range of communication aids that are full of modern features including high quality audio, multiple access options and Smartbox Servus environment control.

The award winning software, Grid 3 is included with every Grid Pad. It provides a complete AAC solution for people communications with symbols, text or a combination of both. Other features include Computer Control, a complete suite of Accessible Apps, Interactive Learning resources and access to the Smartbox Online Grid portal.

Grid Pad Pro is available in three different sizes, 11, 13 and 18 and are tailored to suit the needs of the user.

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